Bethel Solomon

NEW MUSIC: ‘Loves Overture x Relax’ by Bethel Solomon

Listening to the smooth and soulful sounds of Bethel Solomon is like comfort food for the mind – a unique sound experience that relaxes you through it’s consistent and hypnotic grooves.

Singer/ Songwriter Bethel is a recent Los Angeles transplant hailing from Maryland. She attributes her art and most of what she’s learnt from her Ethiopian father and Eritrean mother.

‘Loves Overture’ x ‘Relax’ are songs that Bethel wrote and recorded earlier this year while on a trip to New York. Both  are inspired by her move to the west coast. When asked about the inspiration for each track, she explains:

‘I was really stressed with all the new responsibilities at work and the song “Relax” is me singing it to a friend but I am really talking to myself. It’s a reminder that life is life, it’s hard but the way I come out through difficulty is what shapes me.

“Loves Overture” is my ode to a guy that I hoped would become something more. The word Overture means ” an introduction to something more substantial”. I moved here (Los Angeles) with this crazy notion he would miss me so much he would come and see me, he has yet to visit me in the year I have lived here. ‘

Bethel SolomonBethel is currently working on ‘B Is For Bethel’, her forthcoming EP which will be released in spring 2016. To learn more visit

Image: Will Catlett

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