Editorial: Nala Luna Diagouraga for The Twelve Project (December – Cherish) #TBT

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we are going back a month to December 2015, when The Twelve Project featured Nala Luna Diagouraga, a Parisian based model of Malian and Senegalese descent.
For ‘The Family’, a festive themed editorial, Diagouraga wears a collection of looks from Italian designer Sergio Daricello. View the synopsis below:


In The12Project December production Cherish, we have chosen to explore the dark side of the family with a particular focus on the interplay between societal expectations and the need to present a polished façade of our kin. In a society obsessed with filtering reality to render it more aesthetic and at a time of year where keeping up appearances reaches a climax, we have sought to tackle the picture-perfect representation of the family. No family is perfect and the family we choose is of no less importance than the one we are born into. Whether yours closely resembles the idyllic, airbrushed one on the cereal packet or not, we implore you cherish those you choose to call family.

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