‘Existential Crisis’, A Short Film Profiling Contemporary Filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu

Much of Owusu’s works address what she describes as the ‘warring consciousness,’ where the African immigrant located in the United States has a triple consciousness. This triple consciousness includes; in the African Diaspora having to assimilate in white American culture in order to succeed in American society; second the African immigrant is often grouped and identified with African Americans in the eyes of others mostly because of a shared skin color; and third, many Africans do not always identify with African American culture and history; they are distinct.  – Existential Crisis


Produced by the Rochester Art Center last year, ‘Existential Crisis’ is a curated short film by Jovan C. Speller that showcases the work of contemporary filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu.

In the film, Akosua Adoma Owusu discusses her organic approach to filmmaking and how she uses that as a creative outlet to express her art.

Born in the US to Ghanaian parents, Owusu has developed a strong Affinity for her Ghanaian heritage. Her films reflect her experiences as a Ghanaian American female filmmaker surrounded by ‘politics in America’.

When describing her art, Owusu explains that the thread in her work involves ‘restating and repositioning found footage with a poetic approach’ and her interest ‘in making formal connections between cultural and ethnic identities, history and belonging within African culture’. She creates with the intention of opening to a dialogue between Africa and America.

‘Existential Crisis’ features footage from three of Owusu’s noted works: ‘Kwaku Ananse’, ‘Split Ends’ and ‘Bus Nut’.
Kwaku AnanseIn 2013, Owusu was included in the Huffington Posts ‘Black Artists: 30 Contemporary Art Makers Under 40 You Should Know.‘. Her short film Kwaku Ananse (produced by Obibini Pictures, LLC) also won an Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Short Film.

She is currently working on new projects, one of which  includes ‘Black Sunshine’, a Creative Capital project about a complex love triangle.

Sources: akosuaadoma.com // Vimeo



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