Fuschia by shiferraw

NEW BOOK: Fuchsia by Mahtem Shiferraw

‘Fuchsia’ is the title of author Mahtem Shiferraw’s new anthology of poems published by the University of Nebraska Press, as part of the African Poetry Book Series. The California-based author is a native of Ethiopia and Eritrea and has had her work published in Luna Luna Magazine, Cactus Heart Press and Mandala Journal.
Fuschia by shiferraw

Winner of the Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets, Ethiopian American Mahtem Shiferraw’s Fuchsia examines conceptions of the displaced, disassembled, and nomadic self. Embedded in her poems are colors, elements, and sensations that evoke painful memories related to deep-seated remnants of trauma, war, and diaspora. Yet rooted in these losses and dangers also lie opportunities for mending and reflecting, evoking a distinct sense of hope. Elegant and traditional, the poems in Fuchsia examine what it means to both recall the past and continue onward with a richer understanding.

To preview some of the poems found in the book, click here.

The book is available to purchase here.

Source: Mahtem-Shiferraw.com

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