MUSIC: ‘Backwards’, A Demo by Irma

‘Backwards’ is a new demo from award-winning French-Cameroonian artist Irma Pany. In the synopsis, she explains how she worked with Stephen the street dancer featured in the video.

She explains, ‘So yesterday afternoon, while I was getting some fresh air, I ran across this young street dancer, Steven. I stood there for about 20 min watching him dance, stunned.  Then walked toward him and asked : « Hey, I was just working on this new tune and I think you could nail it, do you wanna come upstairs and have a listen ? » Intrigued, he answered « Hum ..Allright ! »

The end of the story is in this video I had a blast shooting for you . It took him one listening and two takes ….Plus, it works backwards too :)) Enjoy !!


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