Questions With British Singer/Songwriter Meakoom

Sometimes all you need is some great music to feed your soul and that’s exactly what Meakoom’s latest track provides. Her sultry vocals atop some funky old school R&B melody and sweet horns make ‘Smile’ the perfect hit for long summer nights.
We spoke with the British singer/songwriter Meakoom to find out about her latest project with production duo Blackmale Beats.

Read the interview below:

What does Meakoom mean?
Boy, it’s a long story…and a very random one at that.


How would you generally describe your music to first time listeners?
Best thing is for them to listen really, in a nut shell it’s soulful with an alternative twist, you’ll hear more of the ‘alternative twisting’ in my EP.

‘Smile’ is your debut track (produced by Blackmale Beats). Can you tell us about the inspiration for the song and the video?
It’s actually not my debut track,’For you For Me is also available to view on YouTube. This is my debut release with Blackmale Beats though. I think it’s self explanatory, I wrote it really quickly when I was in a good mood, it’s about being positive, whatever the reason. Although, based on current affairs that’s kinda hard, but we have to try innit. The video was actually Shem from Blackmale Beats idea, we just wanted to embrace black beauty, all the shades, in a positive light, there is too much bullshit out there, I think it worked.


You began as the lead singer for The Kemistry. What made you decide to branch off and roll solo?
I just wanted to express myself on a more personal level, when you’re in a band you have to compromise, maybe I was selfish. But yeah, I just thought too many chefs, time to fly. No hard feelings though I still love my old crew.

You are a Londoner with Nigerian roots. Would you say that any of these characteristics have any influence in the style of music that you write?
I’d say yeah, to some degree, I have interests in quite a lot of alternative bits and pieces but I think being a Nigerian Londoner do have influence on all that, how I was bought up, values and what not. I write about my experiences, be it political, emotional or whatever I’m feeling at the time I’m writing. I guess who I am would influence what I write, I’m not straight forward, so it get’s weird sometimes, you’ll see.


Are there any artists that inspire you?
Too many to mention, all the greats big and small.


So what can we expect from you in the months to come, any new music, albums?
Yeah I have a single I’m working on at the moment with some interesting features, plus my EP which is produced by Blackmale Beats, and to be honest I just wanna do some creative exploring, so I’m gonna see what happens. but the music is on it’s way for sure. I’m excited because it’s pretty dope, some of my best work yet.


How can our readers learn more about Meakoom?
Listen to the music, and stay in the loop, I’m learning too so we can just do it together innit.


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