UPCOMING NEW BOOK: ‘Who Will Catch Us As We Fall’ by Iman Verjee

Iman Verjee is a recent migrant to Edmonton,Canada from Kenya. In 2012, she was awarded the 2012 Peters Fraser Dunlop City University Writing Prize for Fiction for her debut novel ‘In Between Dreams’, a book she wrote while studying for her MA at City University.
Verjee’s upcoming new book ‘Who Will Catch Us As We Fall’ is a powerful tale about a family torn apart by love and politics. View the synopsis below:

Haunted by a past that has kept her from Nairobi for over three years, Leena returns home to discover her family unchanged: her father is still a staunch patriot dreaming of a better country; her mother is still an arch traditionalist, unwilling or unable to let go of the past; and her brother, always the rebellious one, spends his days provoking the establishment as a political activist. When Leena meets a local Kikuyu artist whose past is linked to her own, the two begin a secret affair – one that forces Leena to again question her place in a country she once called home.

Interlinked with Leena’s story is that of Jeffery: a corrupt policeman burdened with his own angers and regrets, and whose questionable actions have unexpected and catastrophic consequences for those closest to him. Spanning a period of twelve years, Who Will Catch Us As We Fall is a gripping and epic story of love, loss and identity in contemporary Kenya.

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