Live Performance for SBTV: Tawiah Performing ‘Queens’

“I grew up with people saying “You’re pretty for a black girl” when I was in school sadly I thought it was a compliment. It wasn’t a compliment. Recently my beautiful niece told me she wanted to be lighter, it broke my heart. How dare society prescribe what makes a beautiful woman. A queen is a woman who stands tall, proud and strong in the face of those ideas, someone who ignores them entirely in favour of knowing their own value, that is beauty.” – Tawiah

Tawiah performs ‘Queens’, a track taken off of her ‘Recreate’ EP. The song was inspired by a conversation that Tawiah had with her niece with regards to public perceptions on standard beauty. ‘Queens’ is an uplifting song in which Tawiah boldly tells listeners (black girls) to ‘Wear Your Crown’.

The performance was recorded at The Arboretum in South Bermondsey, London (UK), home to Lima Limo Records.

Also, check out the official video for ‘Move With Me’ (also available on ‘Recreate’ EP)

Buy ‘Recreate’ EP Here:

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